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Terracotta tile roof painting

For more than 25 years, United Roof Restorations has provided.

Metal iron roof restoration

A complete waterproofing system for metal roofs that inhibits rust.

Roof tile

We can help you with professional roof restoration services.

Cement Tile Roof Restoration

Choose the Most Experienced Roof Restoration Experts in whole of Sydney Metro, Canberra Act, Goulburn, Wollongong, and New Castle.

Cement tiles Roof Restoration proses

Roof Inspection

The roof inspection Identifies loose or broken, tiles & gutters, moss, lichen and water damage, damaged flashing, valleys & ridges, pointing and bedding

What United Roof Restoration Offer

Roof Cleaning


A dirty roof doesn’t only look ugly, It deteriorates the condition of your tiles, leading to costly future repairs and replacements

Our high-pressure cleaning removes dirt, moss, lichen and algae and prepares the surface for optimum paint adhesion. You may be surprised how well a good high-pressure clean can breathe new life into your roof


Gutter cleaning


Part of the job is gutter cleaning with a high-pressure water cleaner which removes dirt, moss, lichen and algae and helps prevent gutters and downpipes from becoming blocked and leading to structural damage. Use the same process for Metal & Terracotta roofs


Around house cleaning


Another service we provide is cleaning around driveways, footpaths bricks and other hard to clean areas


Repair/Replace tiles


The entire roof is inspected for damaged tiles and loose or missing bedding, Damaged tiles and faulty valley irons and are replaced where required. Metal roofs are wire brushed, sanded, High pressure washed & treated with Rust Killer. Replace all rusty screws and deteriorated washers


Repointing and re bedding Ridge Capping


Full repointing and loose caps that require Re-bedding are maintained for both Cement & Terracotta.

We ensure proper joining of any loose tiles to protect from dislodging and leaking. Full repointing and loose caps are sealed and loose or leaking screws are replaced


Acrylic sealer/primer to ensure strong adhesion


The entire roof area is coated with an acrylic sealer/primer to ensure strong adhesion with the Roof Membrane. For metal roofs, Specialist corrosion control primers are installed where required. System options for Galvanised, Zincalume® or precoated metal. Priming Applications & Suitable Substrates are used for Glazed Terracotta and Vitreous tiles where absorbing primers are not suitable.

Then a final clean before the roof is sprayed


Final Roof Coatings


The first paint layer is a complete coat of Primabond to stablise the roof surface, followed by a final reinforcement protective roof membrane coating to ensure maximum durability and long-term weather protection

Second coat application encapsulates the surface. The roof Membrane provides ultimate protection, durability and weather proofing


Final Roof Inspection


Our Supervisors provide a Final Roof Inspection to ensure a high standard and quality of the workmanship

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Roof tile restoration

We can help you with professional roof restoration services.

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