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Are you having constant problems with leaks in your roof? If so, it’s time to get in touch with a trustworthy company in Newcastle.


United Roof Restoration is a reliable choice for all of your roofing needs.

Our services

You can trust the experts at United Roof Restoration to protect and enhance your roofing investments. Our all-inclusive services include pressure washing, heat reflective spray, solar panel maintenance, roof restoration, and roof maintenance.


Our roof restoration service revitalizes your roof when it has seen its fair share of storms and needs a facelift. This ensures that your roof will look great and last longer. Our roof maintenance service provides continuous upkeep that keeps your roof in top shape all year long.


Our heat-reflective spray helps keep interior spaces cool, warding off heat and saving energy. In order to maximize your energy efficiency, we also specialize in solar panel maintenance.

Why choose us?

What distinguishes us? Our steadfast dedication to producing outcomes of the highest calibre. We are your committed partners in making sure that your roof stays strong, attractive, and free from the normal wear and tear that impacts it.


We are in the roofing business in Newcastle to deliver unmatched value to our esteemed customers. This aids in ensuring that our solutions endure over time.

Bid farewell to roofing woes

Discover more about our services today! Get in touch with United Roof Restoration without delay. Your quest for a robust and well-maintained roof will be dealt with promptly for long-lasting security.

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Protect your Home in Newcastle with Quality Roofing Solutions

Roof Restorations

To most people, roof is the last thing that comes in mind until it starts to leak. Have you noticed.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Are your solar panels performing at their best? At United Roof Restorations, we have the solution.

Roof Cleaning

The unwanted growth of lichen, moss, algae and stains on your roof not only has a negative impact.

Roof Maintenance

Roof is the most important asset of your home and hence roof maintenance is a very important part.

From wet to dry - these images capture the transformation