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Terracotta tile roof painting

For more than 25 years, United Roof Restorations has provided.

Metal iron roof restoration

A complete waterproofing system for metal roofs that inhibits rust.

Roof tile

We can help you with professional roof restoration services.

Industrial Roof Coatings

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Safeguard Your Valued Asset in Sydney with Industrial Roof Coatings

Industrial Roof Coatings is an Australian-made and Australian-owned company specialising in developing and manufacturing high-quality roof coatings. With a focus on both domestic and commercial needs, their products are formulated to withstand the harsh and diverse Australian climates. They offer an extensive product range designed for various roofing materials in and around Sydney. They’ve also been a leading name in the roof paint market for years and stock colours for all occasions and property types.


At United Roof Restoration, we consistently invest in our alliances. Industrial Roof Coatings is one of those several partnerships that allow us to cater to a larger audience and their unique project needs. With their best-in-class technologies and techniques, we can offer contemporary solutions. Call us at 1300-644-305 to discuss your needs. 


Our services include:

Cement Tile Roof Restoration
Cement, Terracotta, Metal Roof Painting
Damaged Tile Replacement
Driveway High-Pressure Cleaning
Driveway Painting and Restorations
Gutter Cleaning Services
Gutter Guard Installations Services
Gutter, Fascia and Downpipe Installation
Heat Reflective Paints
High-Pressure Cleaning Services
Leaf Screen Installations Services
Leak Detection and Repair
Metal Roof Restoration
Painting External Internal Services
Re-bedding and Repointing Ridge Caps
Roof flashing Replacement and Repair
Roof inspections and Reporting
Roof Painting Services
Roof Repairs Services
Roof Restoration
Rust Guard Coatings Services
Solar Panel Bird Proofing
Solar Panel Cleaning Services
Terracotta Tile Roof Cleaning
Terracotta tile Roof Glazing
Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration
Terracotta, Cement, Metal Roof Maintenance
Valley Replacement Installations
Whirly Birds Installations

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We are a purely Australian-based and managed company.

Use high-quality products, latest tools, and technology

We use high-quality roofing materials for all our work to make sure we meet .....

Affordable roof restoration services

We know you want roof restoration services to fit your needs and budget.

Free inspection and projected estimate of your project

Once when you share your roof restoration project with us

Roof tile restoration

We can help you with professional roof restoration services.

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