How To Paint Concrete Roof Tiles – Expert DIY Guide

Concrete roofs are incredibly strong and can withstand intense wind and rainstorms that would tear up other types of roofing materials, such as asphalt, clay or metal. This strength also contributes to their long lifespan — concrete roofs are typically made to last for as long as 50 years! That being said, the colour of concrete roof tiles could begin to fade long before that (due to sun exposure and severe weather damage), making your house look aged and unattractive.

This is where you might want to consider painting your concrete roof to restore it to its former glory. Not only does a fresh coat of paint make your roof look brand new again, but it can also help increase the value of your house should you decide to list it on the market in the near future.

If you are thinking about saving some money by taking a D-I-Y approach to your concrete roof painting, here is a 3-step guide that might come in handy.

Step 1: Surface Preparation.

The surface to be painted must be clean, or the paint will not bond well to the surface.  In other words, your paint job will not last long if you skip this step.

Here are two ways you can prepare your concrete roof:

Step 1 (a) Power washing:

Wash your concrete roof tiles thoroughly with a high-pressure water jet or power washer (you can easily rent one from your nearest hardware store) to remove any poorly adhering paint coatings, dirt, and stains including grease, mould and soot. Let the roof completely dry before you get to the next step.

Step 1 (b) Primer application:

Using an extended roller or airless sprayer, start applying the primer from the top of the roof and work your way down. Once the primer has been applied, let it dry for at least as long as the manufacturer recommends before you start applying the paint. For example, the primer could be dry to the touch within two hours, but the manufacturer might recommend that you wait at least 24 hours before painting.

Step 2: Paint Application.

Apply the paint to the prepared surface using a roller, brush, or by airless spraying. Apply the paint as you did the primer — work from the top to the bottom of your roof. You may want to use at least two coats of paint for the best finish and optimum durability. Remember to allow the first coat to cure at least two hours before applying the second coat.

Step 3: Touch Up.

Once the final coat of paint is dry, take a good look at your roof for any spot(s) you may have missed. Use a toothbrush to work the paint onto any tight corners or edges, so the colour looks uniform.

Hire Professional Concrete Roof Painting Service!

While you can certainly paint your own roof, it is a really tiresome job, and if you have no idea what you are doing, you are likely to make expensive mistakes. As is the case with just about everything, it is always the smartest bet to hire professional roof painting service providers to repaint your concrete roof tiles.

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