Maintain Terracotta Roof Tiles the Right Way

Roof tiles, particularly terracotta roof tiles, are a popular choice throughout Australia due to their visual appeal. Terracotta roof tiles require minimal maintenance. So, terracotta roof restorations must be something that you consider at some point. You need to clean terracotta roof tiles every so often to protect them. This prevents damage and boosts their appeal. They may not last long if you don’t handle them carefully. The cleaning needs to be thorough for your terracotta roof.

You might get a terracotta roof glaze treatment done. This could be a way for you to preserve the curb appeal of your home. In fact, this roof cleaning is a necessity. It will increase the longevity of your roof. This will keep it tip-top for years. You should clean your terracotta roof once a year. This will eliminate moss growth, mould, and algae.

If you’re not sure where to start, we can assist.

You can use the following advice for cleaning terracotta roofs:

Terracotta Roof Cleaning Tips

There are several ways to clean roof tiles. Such as:

Create a Plan

You can’t simply climb onto your roof. That’s completely dangerous. If this is something you’ll do for the first time, you’ll likely back out due to unpreparedness. Locate the contaminants starting at the highest point and working your way down.

Be Safe

It’s not simple, as we will explain before sharing more of our terracotta roof cleaning advice. Strict safety precautions are recommended. Because clay tiles become slick when wet from water and diluted cleaning solutions, they can be difficult to clean. Put on shoes that will provide you with the right traction and balance to prevent mishaps. Whether you are pressure washing or chemical cleaning, make sure you use the correct protective equipment, such as safety glasses, rubber gloves, and potentially a safety rope.

Preparing the Roof

Water and dirt will flow off the roof while cleaning. Make sure you move any furniture on the ground that you don’t want to hamper. You might have skylights. Be careful about them. Also, take a look at neighbouring properties. There could be a chance that dirt might wash onto the surrounding properties. In that case, prepare with a tarp prepared to clean up any mess afterwards.

Maintain Terracotta Roof Tiles the Right Way

Clean the Tile Roof

Do you feel prepared to begin the cleaning process? It’s now time to clean the roof tiles themselves! The most effective method for cleaning a roof is pressure washing. You can also consider the terracotta roof glaze procedure.


Regardless of your experience level, terracotta roof cleaning might be intimidating. Are you looking for terracotta roof restorations in Australia? Contact United Roof Restorations if you are living in NSW, Newcastle, ACT, Wollongong, Victoria, or Sydney to schedule a consultation.